0793102073The Art of Real Estate Appraisal: Dollars and Cents Answers to Your Questions by William L. Ventolo, Martha R. Williams (Contributor).
Dearborn Trade, 1992.
This cogent, straightforward explanation of the residential single-family home appraisal process is written for home owners, investors, and real estate agents who are not appraisers but who want to understand the methods the professionals use.




0324143915Essentials of Real Estate Economics by Dennis J. McKenzie, Richard M. Betts.
5th edtion, South-Western College Publishing, 2002.
This text emphasizes the factors that cause real estate value to change. The approach is direct and practical; it is intended for people that have little or no background in formal economics. In this 5th edition, all economic data is updated. The impact of the “wealth effect” of the late 1990’s and the recent income tax law changes is examined.




0793126312Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal by William L. Ventolo, Martha R. Williams (Contributor), Dennis B. Tosh (Editor).
7th edition, Real Estate Education Co., 1998.
A real estate appraiser takes facts about the marketplace, including the the local economy and other property sales, and estimates the most likely value for the property being appraised. When your property is appraised, you should be able to understand the facts and reasoning behind the appraiser’s conclusion of value.



094376310XGems & Jewelry Appraising: Techniques of Professional Practice by Anna M. Miller.
2nd edition, Gemstone Press, 1999.
Lapidary Journal: “Well organized…easy to follow, and comprehensive….It should be read by practicing appraisers, new appraisers, would-be appraisers, and those who wonder what appraising is all about.”



0943763231Illustrated Guide to Jewelry Appraising : Antique, Period, and Modern by Anna M. Miller.
2nd edition, Gemstone Press, 1999.
National Jeweler “Anna Miller’s book is destined to become the classic text for jewelry appraisers, as well as jewelers, auctioneers, students, and collectors of jewelry.”



 0891457135Antique & Vintage Clothing: A Guide to Dating & Valuation of Women’s Clothing 1850 to 1940 by Diane Snyder-Haug.
Collector Books, 1996.
Theo Flickinger from La Crosse, WI USA: Diane Snyder-Haug is a one-of-a-kind author, with an eye for style as well as a brain for history. . .This book should be mandatory for all students in design and fashion. . .Wish she were an instructor at MY school.


0517884348Emyl Jenkins’ Appraisal Book: Identifying, Understanding, and Valuing Your Treasures by Emyl Jenkins.
Reprinted, Crown Publishers, 1995.
Emyl Jenkins takes you through your home and teaches you how to identify, assess, record, and preserve your personal treasures. She also gives step-by-step advice on how to evaluate, insure, and sell your property; make photographic inventories; file claims for damage; and settle an estate.




1582381658A Guide Book of United States Coins 2002 (Guide Book of United States Coins (Paper)) by R. S. Yeoman.
55th edition, Whitman Coin Publishers, 2001.
First published in 1946, “The Red Book–The Standard of the Coin Hobby”–is the annual reference book that coin collectors everywhere consult for average retail prices. The coin values listed here are compiled from data supplied by more than ninety contributors around the country, providing the most extensively researched data available.


0307993612Photograde: A Photographic Grading Encyclopedia for United States Coins by James F. Ruddy.
18th edition, St. Martins’s Press, 1996.
The single most useful book you can own to learn the essentials of coin grading, Photograde was designated in 1972 as an Official Grading Guide by the American Numismatic Association. Photograde is designed for beginner and advanced graders alike.



0307090973The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins by Kenneth Bressett (Editor), Abe Kosoff (Editor).
5th edition, St. Martin’s Press, 1997.
An easy-to-use, officially approved grading standards for every United States coin. The book contains important information on: –Brief highlights of wear pinpointed for each grade –Easy-to-follow descriptions for thirteen standard conditions –Easy-to-use guide shows how to grade U.S. coins quickly and accurately


0676601677Official 2002 Blackbook Price Guide to United States Paper Money by Marc Hudgeons, Tom Hudgeons.
34th edition, House of Collectibles, 2001.
Detailed information on the prices, history, and how-to of collecting American paper money — from colonial currency to nineties’ mylar-protected bills, silver and gold certificates, national bank notes, demand notes, treasury notes, and today’s federal reserve notes.
Important tips on recognizing valuable notes, buying collectible paper money, and caring for your collection.



0676601707The Official 2002 Blackbook Price Guide to United States Postage Stamps by Marc Hudgeons, Tom Hudgeons.
24th edition, House of Collectibles, 2001.
Includes all U.S. stamps: Revenues * stock transfers * hunting permit stamps *mint sheets *commemoratives *airmails *first-day covers *error stamps * oddities *and much more.
Important tips on grading, buying, selling, storing, and caring for your collection.




0471361909Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, 3rd Edition by McKinsey & Company Inc., Tom Copeland, Tim Koller, Jack Murrin.
3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2000.
The #1 guide to corporate valuation! Hailed by financial professionals worldwide as the single best guide of its kind, ” Valuation” provides crucial insights into how to measure, manage, and maximize a company’s value. This long- awaited Third Edition has been comprehensively updated and expanded.


0471362816Valuation of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets, 3rd Edition by Gordon V. Smith, Russell L. Parr.
3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2000.
While intellectual property plays an increasingly important role in today’s business world, it remains difficult to quantify its economic value. Considered the foremost work on the subject, this book helps simplify the process of attaching a dollar amount to intangible assets, with the new edition bringing readers up to date on legal, tax, and accounting issues that affect valuation.


0471411019Valuation for M&A: Building Value in Private Companies by Frank C. Evans, David M. Bishop.
1st edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2001.
Whether buying or selling, the question of “what’s it worth?” is multifaceted. In an M&A setting, it is necessary to compute fair market value, but it is far more important to compute investment value- the value of the target company to a strategic buyer. This calculation varies with each prospective buyer, depending on synergies, benefits, and other competitive analyses that are seldom involved in business valuation. Valuation for M&A is the first book to focus on valuation for merger and acquisitions.



0324141548Basic Real Estate Appraisal by Richard M. Betts, Silas J. Ely.
5th edition, South-Western Publishers, 2000.
Based on the authors’ combined wealth of both professional and academic experience, Basic Real Estate Appraisal, 5th edtion, provides a thorough outline of the most up-to-date appraisal theory and practice for real estate professionals and consumers. Both simple and complex subjects are covered in terms that are easy to understand yet accurate. Coverage references and explains the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.


0793136563Questions & Answers to Help You Pass the Real Estate Appraisal Exams by Jeffrey D. Fisher, Dennis S. Tosh.
3rd edition, Dearborn Trade, 2000.
More than 200,000 appraisers are expected to take the real estate appraisal certification exam over the next few years. Newly revised and updated, this is the first authoritative exam guide to help appraisers prepare for the new state licensing requirements.


0071356150Valuing A Business, 4th Edition by Shannon P. Pratt, Robert F. Reilly, Robert P. Schweihs.
4th edition, McGraw Hill Professional Publishing, 2000.
First published in 1981, Valuing a Business is today the world’s most widely followed valuation reference. As more professional associations than ever offer valuation education and credentials, this Fourth Eidtion – with 10 new chapters that significantly expand the book’s scope – promises to appeal to an even broader market.


0786310650Valuing Intangible Assets by Robert F. Reily, Robert P. Schweihs, Robert F. Reilly.
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 1998.
When partnerships change hands, the valuation of intangible assets can be a financial maze. This in-depth book, working through each of the basic valuation approaches: cost, market, and income, provides professionals with complete guidelines and industry standards. It’s a must- have for financial analysts and attorneys!




 0922154708Hotels and Motels: Valuations and Market Studies by Stephen Rushmore, Erich Baum.
Appraisal Institute, 2001.
The classic text on the valuation and analysis of lodging facilities, the book presents an overview of the lodging industry and the fundamental supply and demand relationships that underlie hotel investments. Provides statistical data on recent trends in the lodging industry with applicability to the valuation process demonstrated.